101. Cream of Tomato Soup
Creamy, savory & brimming with freshly ripened tomatoes

102. Cream of Vegetable Soup
Farm fresh vegetables simmered with black pepper & garlic

103. Cream of Chicken Soup
Light & spicy chicken soup flavoured with Indian spices


104. Fresh Green Salad
Freshly cut pieces of cucumber, tomato, onion, etc

105. Tandoori Chicken Salad
Tangy grilled chicken atop of a bed of greens mixed with onions & lime


106. Corn Cheese Rolls
Puffed corn snack, crisp, coated with a mixture of cheese

107. Papdi Chaat
Green & sweet chutney drizzled on a bed of papdi with chopped onions & sev

108. Veg Samoosas (5 pieces)
Maida flour shells stuffed of mashed boiled potato, spices & green chili

109. Mixed Chili Bites
Mixed vegetables with julienne peppers & green chili

110. Onion Bhajia
Spiced & crispy deep-fried sliced onions

111. Veg Sheekh Kebab
Kebabs full of veggies straight from the blazing tandoor on to your dinner table

112. Achari Aloo
Baby potatoes blended with exotic Indian spices

113. Non-Veg Samosa (5 peices)
Maida flour shell stuffed with spicy chicken/keema

114. Hara Bhara Kebab
Vegaterian kebab of spinach & green peas, perked with authentic Indian spices

115. Salt & Pepper Prawns
Deep fried marinated prawns in a peppery sauce

116. Veg Platter
Corn cheese rolls, veg samoosas, mixed chili bites & veg sheekh kebab


201. Chicken Malai Kebab
Grilled juicy boneless chicken with cream & spices

202. Chicken Tikka
Mildly spiced morsels of chicken grilled in a tandoor oven

203. Fish  Tikka
Fish blended with herbs & spices grilled in a tandoor oven

204. Tandoori Prawns
Choicest prawns marinated with herbs & spices grilled in a tandoor oven

205. Tandoori Chicken  (Half)
Lightly spiced marinade & roasted half spring chicken

206. Seekh Kebab
Lamb minced meat with  spices & grilled on skewers

207. Lamb Chop
Succulent mutton chops cooked in an  Indian masala

208. Mix Kebab Platter
Chicken malai kebab, chicken kulfi kebab, chicken tikka, sheekh kebab & fish tikka


301. Stuffed Capsicum
Colourful capsicum (green peppers) stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes

302. Paneer Makhani
Richly fragrant sauce with spices, cream & Indian paneer cheese

303. Palak Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in spinach and medium spice

304. Aloo Peas – DRY (Served dry)
Dry fusion of potato & healthy peas

305. Aloo Jeera (Served dry)
Irresistible dish of potatoes served with cumin seeds

306. Broccoli with Cashew Nut (Served Dry)
Mixture of garlic & cashews with favourite side dish, broccoli

307. Punjabi Dum Aloo
Baby Poatoes enriched with cashews, almonds & Indian spices in curd based gravy

308. Vegatble Korma
Mixed vegetables cooked in a rich cashew gravy

309. Vegetable Hyderabadi
Rich taste of assorted vegetables tossed with flavours of green cardamom & lemon juice

310. Channa Masala
Simmered Chickpeas & tomatoes with fresh garlic, ginger onion & traditional Indian spices

311. Methi Malai Mutter
Combination of fenugreek leaves & green peas in cream & milk

312. Babycorn Jalfrezi
Delicious preperation of paneer, babycorn & green bell pepper

313. Malai Kofta
Deep fried paneer balls in a creamy gravy of tomatoes & cashew nuts

314. Corn & Mushrrom Curry
Unique combination of tender baby corn & mushrooms with capsicum

315. Daal Makhani
Assorted black lentils cooked on an oven & spiced just like mom would have

316. Daal Tadka
A popular Indian dish made of lentils & tempered with aromatic spices

317. Daal Palak Lasooni
Just a handful of common ingredients come together in a fragrant ghee tadka

318. Pakora Kadhi
Indian yogurt gramflour curry with fried vegetable pakoras & spices


319. Chicken Korma
Simmered chicken in creamy fragrant sauce with onion, garlic, ginger & cashews

320. Butter Chicken
Skinless portion chicken served in a gravy of spices, tomato & ground cashews

321. Chettinad Chicken
Hot & spicy dry chicken cooked in an aromatic spice blend

322. Stuffed Chicken Breast322. Stuffed Chicken Breast
Cleverly rolled stuffed chicken breast with spin of tomatoes & cheese

323. Chicken Tikka Masala
Salty yogurt-based chicken intense charring on a hot grill

324. Chicken Saag Wala
Juliennes of chicken cooked in green spices & spinach masala


325. Lamb Kadai
Lamb cooked in kadai with flavourful spicy gravy

326. Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb cooked with aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves & Indian spices

327. Lamb Vindaloo (Goa Speciality)
Spicy hot dish of lamb with coconut, vinegar & lots of hot red chilli peppers

328. Lamb Chop Masala
Succulent lamb chops cooked in Indian masala

329. Lamb Korma
Lamb pieces cooked with Indian spices in white cashew nut gravy

330. Keema Hari Mirch Do Pyaza
Lamb mince cooked with green chillies in Indian spices

331. Lamb Bhuna
Pieces of lamb cooked with green peppers, onion & tomato in a North Indian style

332. Lamb Saag Wala
Delightful combination of lamb cooked in a spinach gravy


333. Shahjani Prawns
Juicy prawns sauteed in tomato and pepper gravy laced withcrushed coriander seeds

334. Kadhai Prawns
Our chef’s speciality – Prawns with capsicum, Indian spices in cashew based gravy

335. Govani Fish Curry
Fish cooked in coconut with brown gravy & Indian spices

336. Fish Curry – Durban Style

Durban styled fish curry cooked in freshly grounded hot spices



401. Steamed Basmati Rice
The delicious fluffy grains of rice steamed

402. Jeera Rice
Variation on plain boiled rice with cumin seeds

403. Veg Pulao
Easy rice recipe with mixed vegetables


405. Veg Dum Biryani
Slow cooked on dum green vegetables, basmati rice, curd & endless spices

406. Chicken Dum Biryani
Basmati rice & boneless chicken in awesome herbs & spices

407. Mutton Dum Biryani
Traditional mutton biryani made in a jiffy

408. Prawns Dum Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with prawn & layering spices


501. Naan/Butter Naan
White flour made bread freshly baked on order

502. Garlic Naan
Leavened bread of exquisite taste cooked in a tandoor

503. Roomali Roti
Soft, thin delicious roti of maida & wheat flour folded like a handkerchief

504. Tandoori Roti
Famous bread (roti) of whole wheat flour, curd, baking soda & salt

504. Tandoori Roti
Famous bread (roti) of whole wheat flour, curd, baking soda & salt

505. Tandoori Paratha
Whole wheat Indian bread layered with butter & baked

506. Laccha Paratha
White flour made bread freshly baked to order

Aloo/Gobhi/Cheese/Paneer/Mince Indian flatbread with wheat flour & stuffing of choice

508. Onion Paneer Kulcha
Soft fluffy & slathered with butter & filled with a mixture of paneer & onions


509. Sambhals

510. Plain Yoghurt

511. Raita – Cucumber/Boondi Mixed/Pineapple

512. Plain Pappadum

513. Pickles

514. Onions & Chilli

515. Sweet Fruit Chutney

516. Hot Chilli Sauce


901. Kulfi Faluda/Bombay Crush
Sweet milk, ice cream, rose syrup, vermicelli, sago (tapioca) & fresh cream

Artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk & sugar
(No preservatives, colour or chemicals. 100% Natural)

903. Ras Malai
Dumplings of cottage cheese soaked in sweetened, thickened milk flavoured with cardomom & garnished with nuts

904. Sizzling Brownie/Cake (Served Hot)
Chocolate cake & sizzling chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream

905. Kheer (Served Hot)
A traditional Indian dessert of rice & cream

906. Gulab Jamun (Served Hot)
Small waffle shaped balls deep fried & dipped in sugar syrup